Hole #1 - 364 Yards

The opening hole at Cadillac Country Club is a flat, straightaway par 4 of 364 yards.  While a relatively sublime starting hole on paper, the first at Cadillac still serves as a test to get one's round off to a good start.  High handicappers are immediately faced with a tee shot that is cramped by a maple tree 100 yards off the tee on the player's left.  Slicers avoiding this tree also have to negotiate the presence of a large maple 230 yards down the right side of the hole.  Low handicap players will look to play a right to left tee ball, while guarding against a hook that could find a long line of trees down the left side.  On approach the player is faced with a steep 2 1/2 tiered green that is open in front, but bunkered on its sides and back.  Balls that fail to find the proper level will prove to be difficult to get down in two additional shots, leading to an over par start for the player.

Hole #1 - 364 Yards

Hole #2 - 190 Yards

The second hole at Cadillac Country Club is a slightly downhill tree lined par 3 that plays to a long, narrow green. Playing at 190 yards, the hole often requires a mid to long iron, played to a two tiered, bunkerless green. The front portion of the green resembles a small, elevated porch that drops two feet to a large lower second tier. The green stretches out to 120 feet overall. Direction is key on this tee shot due to hardpan surrounding the green, which tends to repel stray balls and add difficulty to chip shots. Par is always a good score on this first of four par 3's.

Hole #3 - 412 Yards

The par four third hole at Cadillac Country Club is a slight dogleg right that rewards a straight hitter. The hole begins with a slightly uphill, claustrophobic tee shot that requires a short hitter to negotiate two small ponds. Longer hitters are confronted with a tree line to the left and a lateral water hazard extending down the entire right side of the hole. At the 150 yard marker, the hole flattens out and straightens to a small bunker-less green guarded by pine trees. Like many holes at the Cadillac C.C., the third hole most often rewards accuracy.

Hole #4 - 281 Yards

The fourth hole at Cadillac is a very narrow, driveable par 4.  The fairway is guarded on both sides by mature trees, as well as a fairway bunker on the right side at the 250 yard mark.  A lateral water hazard lies on the right side of the hole beyond the trees and extends behind the green.  Past the trees in the left rough is a stand of planted pines that rarely offers a serviceable second shot from 180 yards off the tee to a point parallel with the green's center.   The green is two tiered and wraps around a bunker to the left of the green.  The claustrohobic feel of the fourth presents a player with a risk/reward club selection that ranges from 8 iron to Driver off the tee.

Hole #5 - 401 Yards

The fifth hole at Cadillac is a par four that turns sharply to the right at the 250 yard mark, often into a prevailing warm southern breeze.  Golfers that are tempted to cut the corner must be wary of a cluster of berry and pine trees that are quick to stymie wayward drives to the right.  The green is slightly raised, actually plays a bit narrow, and has a tendency to repel slightly errant shots.  This bunkerless hole is a test to reach in regulation.

Hole #6 - 318 Yards

The short 318 yard sixth is a gentle dogleg to the left that presents the player with a risk reward decision on their tee shot.  A large overhanging maple on the left side of the hole 100 yards from the green requires golfers of all skill levels to deal with its presence.  Long hitters may attempt a high to shot to carry the tree and drive the green, or play a draw to work the ball around it.  A draw is preferred to protect against running through the fairway into a treeline that runs the length of the hole on the right that includes a fairway bunker 70 yards from the green. Slicers often choose a shorter club off the tee that favors the right side of the fairway in an attempt to take the maple on the left and treeline on the right out of play.  The sloping, elevated green at number six is one of the most challenging on the course.  The recommended second shot is one that lands short of the green on the left and bounces safely on while avoiding deep bunkers that surround the rest of the green and require a soft touch.  Shots played through the green run into a very narrow bunker that sits four feet below the green surface at or beyond to an area that is out of bounds.

Hole #7 - 227 Yards

The seventh hole at the Cadillac Country Club is a relatively flat hole that tests a players length.  A long par-3 that plays to a relatively small green that is slightly punch-bowled, this hole can be an elusive one to hit in regulation.  A lone bunker protects the left side of the green with the front of the green completely open to well struck shots that can bounce on to the putting surface. The seventh plays even more difficult in blustery weather as the hole plays into the predominant north winds. Tee shots to the left of the green face a difficult angle for an up and down, while shots pushed to the right may be greeted with tall pine trees or the unspeakable fence line which is played as out of bounds.

Hole #8 - 338 Yards

The par 4 eighth is one of Cadillac Country Clubs most memorable holes.  Like many holes at Cadillac, the eighth is flat and surrounded by large, historic trees that have spread out over time and encroach on the fairway and green.  Only the straightest tee shots find the fairway on this extremely narrow hole, preferrably on the left side of the fairway which allows an approach from a better angle.  The green is equally illusive.  While stretching to 36 paces which is the second longest on the course, the green is elevated and narrow which encourages less than perfect approaches to fall off the sides.  The green rises from front to middle, then slopes downward  to the back right corner.  Approach shots missing long or left are faced with a raised green that slopes away from the player.  A bunker collects stray shots that miss the green to the right of the putting surface.  Overall, this is a unique hole that rewards accuracy and finesse.

Hole #9 - 368 Yards

This straightaway par 4 features a fairway and green that can be more difficult to find than it appears to the eye.  An elevated tee provides a clear vantage point of a tree lined fairway with a bunker on the left side 250 yards from the tee.  The tree line to the left includes numerous smaller and denser trees that normally require a chipout, while the right side features large trees that may allow a player to manuever around them.   Long hitters are encouraged to play a right to left tee shot, while often playing into the wind or a wind from the players left to right.  The green protects itself by gently sloping away from the player which encourages shots to release through the green.  The left and right side of the green are protected by bunkers. The ninth is an enjoyable close to the front nine that can penalize a careless player.

Hole #10 - 362 Yards

The most unique feature of the Cadillac Country Club greets players as they play their opening tee shot on the back nine, which at one time was the front nine.  A fifty foot Oak tree stands in the very center of the fairway on this 362 yard par 4 213 yards from the back tee location.  A slightly downhill tee shot is played to this gentle dogleg to the right.  A shot struck wildly to the left may find the pond on the 16th hole, while similar tee shots to the right may have boundary issues.  The Club's signature Oak evokes every imaginable strategy including simply aiming at the tree depending on a given players skill level.  Once beyond this menacing obstacle the golfer is challenged by a large squarish green that rises a few feet with a false front.  The back and right side of the green have a similar drop off while the left side of the green is bunkered.  A large row of  White Pine stands single file behind the green, casting a long shadow over the green complex on a sunny day.  The presence of the Club's signature tree in the fairway makes this a controversial hole to some and memorable to all.

Hole #11 - 494 Yards

The initial par 5 at Cadillac is the 494 yard eleventh.  Players are faced with a slightly uphill tee shot toward the western sky.  Short hitters will fear shots to the right, which may be greeted by a tree line that includes the course boundary.  Longer hitters can challenge a fairway that is framed by a bunker on each side, as well as trees and Indian burial mounds to the left.  This hole is hittable in two shots, but the hole narrows as the green approaches.  Second shots must guard against a thick treeline on the left and a fairway bunker 30 yards short right of the green.  Out of Bounds runs the entire length of the hole on the right.  The boundary widens 230 yards off the tee, then narrows again toward the green.  The green on eleven is elevated which deflects less accurate shots to either a greenside bunker on the left or surrounding hard pan areas around the back and to the right.  The elevated green often requires shots that roll up its banks rather that land fly on to it.  Accurate players can be rewarded with and eagle or birdie on this hole, but others will be tested.

Hole #12 - 128 Yards

Tucked into the western corner of Cadillac Country Club is the shortest hole on the course, the 128 yard par 3 twelfth hole.  Surrounded by trees that can disguise the winds off nearby Lake Mitchell, this hole's main defense is a contoured green that features a front plateau, a dip across its mid-section, and a broad steep slope that leads to the greens crowned back portion.  A lateral hazard lurks in the wetlands beyond the green, while the treeline to the right is out of bounds for wayward shots.  Despite the hole's length this par 3 is no pushover.  The safest strategy is to play for the center of the green and try to protect par.  Shots that miss the green will often require a delicate pitch.

Hole #13 - 408 Yards

Thirteen at Cadillac Country Club is a 408 yard par 4 that plays over a small hill to a fairway that shifts slightly to the right.  High handicappers face a minimal forced carry off the tee, while more accomplished players will protect against the treeline to the right which can stymie second shots more often then the left perimeter.  The fairway crests approximately 200 yards from the green giving players a clean view for their downhill approach shots.  Single bunkers frame the tilted green on both sides but the player's primary concern is judging the distance correctly playing from above the green and often with a west wind.  Shots hit over the green will require a skilled pitch or chip to a green sloping away.

Hole #14 - 384 Yards

The fourteenth hole at Cadillac Country Club places a premium on accurate driving.  Golfers are faced with a narrow chute at the fairway's beginning due to two large trees intruding from the left and an extended treeline down the right side of the hole.  Left to right drives are preferred on this hole to insure against the left sloping fairway sending shots toward a often marked lateral hazard 150 yards from the green, or the stand of trees beyond .  A bunker short of the green challenges shots played to the center or left side of the green, while the right side does have a narrow entryway.  A right greenside bunker as well as wetlands marked as a lateral water hazard also defend this par 4.  The right mix of accuracy and distance control is typically the best strategy to attack this solid hole.

Hole #15 - 396 Yards

The fifteenth hole at Cadillac Country Club plays to a slightly rising fairway that runs parallel to the wetlands that lie adjacent to the southern boundary of the property.  Overhanging trees near the left side of tee, and prevailing winds that can exagerate a right handed slice make this an intimidating drive for many high handicappers.  Tee shots that overcorrect to the left will face a punch shot around a few large trees.  The green is slightly punch bowl in shape while rising steeply to the back edge.  Shots hit over the green will face a severe downhill pitch.  An accurate tee shot can turn this 384 yard par 4 into a birdie hole, but stray shots will be at risk.  The neighboring wetlands provide golfers with one of the best scenic viewpoints on the course.

Hole #16 - 166 Yards

Cadillac's signature hole is the par 3 sixteenth which plays over water from two separate teeing locations.  This hole can be played anywhere from 120 to 170 yards. The green is sloped from back to front with bunkers on each side as well as beyond the back right corner.  Winds can be difficult to predict here due to players teeing off in protected areas and playing to a green that has a wind tunnel effect at times.  Players that overclub will face a green that severely slopes away while playing from uneven rough.

Hole #17 - 328 Yards

Once the subject of a Ripley's Believe It Or Not Feat, the 17th hole at Cadillac Country Club requires the most local knowledge of any hole on the course.  This  par 4 once yielded a Hole In One (Carl Munson), Eagle (Cal Talhelm), Birdie (Jack Rousch), and Par (Mike Kennedy) to a foursome in 1958 (from what is now the ladies tee).  The hole plays slightly uphill for approximately 290 yards before turning hard to the right around a large White Pine.  This sharp dogleg requires play from a specific angle for a player to have open access to the green.  To the right is a vast array of trees that rarely yield anything more than a punch shot with wetlands and hazard further to the right.  The strategic play for most players on this hole is on the left edge of the fairway inside the 100 yard marker.  Shots through the fairway often find thick rough or immature trees that continue become more of a factor each year.   The green itself is hidden to play beyond 40 yards.  The fairway crests just short of the green then plunges six feet to a front bowl section of the green before the green rises into a back shelf.  The green can be firm and is narrow.  Players often need to choose between flying it to the pin or playing the bounce.  Stray shots can carom wildly off the sides and back of the green on to hard pan leaving recovery difficult.

Hole #18 - 542 Yards

The 542 yard par 5 finishing hole at Cadillac is another strategic hole for all but the longest hitters, who  may attempt to get home in two shots.  From the tee players are faced with a fairway the rises quickly then slides to the left out of sight.  A distant bird house indicates the preferred line of play down the left side of the hole thus providing a straighter angle of play for the remainder of the hole.  Smaller trees are present on both sides of the fairway for the first half of the hole with the left side generally providing a better possibility for advancement.  As the hole turns to the right 300 yards from the tee, large trees dominate the right side while the left side provides more room despite a fairway bunker 120 yards from the green and a stand of trees closer in.  Average hitters can obtain an unobstructed view of the green from the left side of the fairway 200 yards and in.  Strong players can attempt to carry all of the large trees on the right or play a left to right shot to the green which slopes from back to front.  Bunkers on both sides of the green will gather shots to either side, while shots beyond the green must contend with a large tree and a green that slopes away.  Like many holes at Cadillac Country Club this hole rewards accuracy, while testing those that stray off the desired line of play.