Membership and Dues

Dues Promotion

The Cadillac Country Club offers their dues at a discounted rate for new members joining the Club.
Please contact the pro shop at (231) 775 -9442 for current Promotional Rates if you are interested in joining.

Membership Overview

The Club is a semi-private, non-profit entity that operates under the guidance of a Board of Directors consisting of seven stockholding Members in the Club. The Club is currently owned by 168 stockholding Members.

Club membership is comprised of Stockholder, Associate, and Social members.

Stockholders benefit from a reduced dues rate, discounts in the pro shop, and have voting rights within the Club. Stock may be purchased at a price of $1,000.00. See the Stockholder Information section below for more information.

Associate Members are those members that do not own stock. They pay a higher rate for dues than Stockholders of a similar demographic.

Social Membership allows members to play the course and enjoy the facilities and events. Social Membership includes a fixed number of rounds of golf per year along with some restrictions on the days they can play.

We also have a great Junior Golf program available for both members and non-members to provide the opportunity to pass on this great sport to the next generation. Please see the Junior Golf section below for more information

2024 Dues

Category Stockholder Dues Associate Dues
Family $1,320.00 $1,500.00
Single $1030.00 $1,180.00
Intermediate Family (31-34) $990.00 $1,130.00
Intermediate Single (31-34) $770.00 $880.00
Junior Family (30 and under) $740.00 $840.00
Junior Single (30 and under) $580.00 $660.00
Non-resident Family $980.00 $1,170.00
Non-resident Single $830.00 $930.00
Senior (80 +) $320.00 $350.00
Social $280.00
Student (Full-time student 20 and under) $240.00
*Escrow Fee
Allows a Stockholder to keep their stock but not join the club this year.
The Stockholder will be responsible for the $50.00 fee plus any assessments

Stockholder Information

Value of purchasing stock

  1. Opportunity to voice concerns with voting rights
  2. Lower dues than non-stockholder
  3. Two eighteen hole golf passes per shareholder for guest use
  4. Reciprocal golf privileges with participating courses
  5. Priority to sign up for member events (Member/Guest, etc.)

Stock Purchase Options

$1,000 one time payment

Stock is redeemable at its original purchase price after being vested for 5 years.  It may also be transferred within the Stockholders family.

Senior Golf Membership

The Cadillac Country Club now offers special golfing options for Senior Golfers that have reached their 80th birthday. 80 plus seniors have the option of joining the Club for $350 per season ($320 per season for stockholders) or simply paying $25 per round throughout the year. Interested Senior golfers are encouraged to contact the pro shop at (231) 775 -9442 to make arrangements for golf today!

Junior Golf Program

The focus of the Junior Program is to teach golfing fundamentals and etiquette to our young people.  The program is held Wednesday mornings during the summer and is open to those aged 7-17.
For more information, review the application below or contact the pro shop at (231) 775 -9442.